Topics on the Salzburgers' Experiences

By clicking on these links you view documents that detail a few of the concerns the Salzburgers had. Unless otherwise noted, these passages were written by Johann Martin Bolzius, the Lutheran pastor at Ebenezer and mentor of the Salzburgers. The passages are reprinted here with gracious permission from Dr Russell Kleckley, the translator of The Letters of Johann Martin Bolzius, Lutheran Pastor in Ebenezer, Georgia: Geman Pietism in Colonial America. 2 Volumes. Edwin Mellen Press (2009)

The passages about Indians are reprinted here with gracious permission from the Beehive Foundation. Source: Kristian Hvidt, editor, Von Reck's Voyage: Drawings and Journal of Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck. Beehive Foundation Press (1980), pages 40-50.

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